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Cushing Chamber Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member in the Cushing Chamber of Commerce.  Please complete this Membership Investment Dues Application Form.   

Please choose your Membership Type:  Friend of the Chamber; Non-Profit Organization; Business Membership based on number of staff/employees/owners at your business location; and Religious Organization.

 If there are no employees/staff at your business, the amount of OWNERS of the business would be put into the line item where it asks "Number of Employees". If there are staff/employees, the owners are included in the count of staff/employees.  Once a number is placed in this section of the application, then the Membership Investment Dues for your business will appear and choices for payment plans will be given.  This is done on the second page of this application. 

On the second page of this application, you will be given a choice as to which payment plan option you would prefer for your business or religious organization:  

  1. Monthly (Only available for some Membership types and must agree to a Monthly Credit Card autopay through our system each month.  Terms & Conditions apply; Agreement Form will be emailed to you from CCoC President & CEO Tracy Caulfield after membership application submission to sign.)
  2. Quarterly:  One-Fourth of your membership investment dues now, then billed once a quarter for the next three quarters of the year.  
  3. Bi - Annually:  Half of your Membership Investment Dues now and the other half in 6 months. 
  4. Annually:  All Membership Investment Dues paid in full now.  

We are on an "Anniversary" Date renewal, so your membership investment will renew on the month you paid your first membership investment dues payment the year before.  You will receive an invoice from us via US Mail and through email.  Please be sure to include your Accounts Payable email address so that they will receive the invoices, and please label the email as the Accounts Payable, if it does not include it in the email address. 


Owners; Executive Staff; Staff Email Address Importance:  What do we need them for?

Invoicing and communications

We send out Weekly Membership E-Blasts to our Membership, to help keep everyone updated on Chamber programming, events, our Member events, Business press releases, and Blog Educational 1 minute articles.  Please include ALL EMAILS on this application that you would like to receive these weekly emails, such as your marketing directors; Executive Staff members; etc.  Please be sure to label the Primary email for your business for direct email correspondence from us as well.    

Staff First name, last name, and their Email addresses are also connected to your business Info Hub Account, and how everyone is able to create their Info Hub login.  All Members of the Cushing Chamber are able to login to their Info Hub Account through our website "Member Login" button.  The Info Hub gives you and your staff access to several of our public-facing website pages so that you and your staff can add your business content, when desired. Through the Info Hub, Members are also able to pay invoices via credit card or print them off; retrieve receipts; check payment history; sign up for sponsorships and advertising opportunities on the website and other Chamber Related items; and much more.  


All Membership Types and Levels have credit card fees added as a voluntary option, that will appear at the bottom of the second page of this application.  This is due to our system not allowing a line item to automatically tally up the processing fees to your total on this online form.  This is our "workaround".  There are two options to pay for your membership dues:  To be Invoiced and pay by Check or Cash; or to pay at this time with a Credit Card.  The options are on this form, on the bottom of the second page, where the total payment due is located.  

If you choose to be invoiced, please UNCHECK the Credit Card Processing fees line item. A box will pop up if you uncheck this line item, to confirm that you want to uncheck it. and click the  "Yes, I confirm".  The system will then deduct the 3.6% Credit Card processing Fees. Chamber staff will then email and US Mail you the invoice. Please note:  Your membership will not begin until we receive your first Membership Investment Dues payment or Annual Payment.  

If you choose to pay your membership dues via Credit Card, LEAVE THE LINE ITEM CHECKED.  If you uncheck it, and proceed to pay via credit card, you will be invoiced for the 3.6%  credit card processing fees plus another 3.6% in additional Administrative fees, based on your original Membership dues total.  Your Membership with us will not begin until all fees are paid in full.  

Questions?  Please call the Cushing Chamber office at 918-225-2400 during regular office hours or leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience.  We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business!

Select Your Option(s)

Owner/Manager with up to 4 Employees......$230

Owner/Manager with 5-10 Employees..........$295

Owner/Manager with over 10 Employees.....First 10 Employee Base $295 + $6.00 per Employee over 10

 Non-Profit Organizations; Civic Organizations; etc.  Excludes Religious Organizations (Churches): Please see Religious Organization Membership for Church Membership Investment Dues.

A Professional Membership Investment is an ADD-ON to your initial business membership investment; IT IS NOT A STAND-ALONE MEMBERSHIP TYPE.  A  professional membership is for certain individuals with designations within a business; this Includes physicians, attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, financial planners, and other professionals. The Main Business that a professional works for must be a Member of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce first in order for an individual with designation to be able to ADD-ON a Professional Membership.  Each professional within the organization is encouraged to hold Chamber Memberships.  A Professional Membership allows the Individual with designation to be listed under the Business Name as well as have their own Member Directory listing under their own name and designation, that will link back to the main business, and be listed in the description of the Membership business Directory listing. 

We encourage civic-minded individuals to become members of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce. This category represents retirees, educators, clergy, military, non-professional employees of a business member, and individuals not actively involved in a business operation who wish to support our activities.

Enter Contact Information
Please select a valid membership option and fee item if exist
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