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Advertising or Marketing in Payne County and North Central Oklahoma


The coronavirus pandemic has caused economic uncertainty and financial hardship for many small businesses. If you’re feeling the pinch, there are ways to bolster your business, and one of the best tools to use is your website. The Cushing Chamber of Commerce is here to help with six website changes that can strengthen your business during uncertain times.


Have your business Host a Blood Drive with OBI and receive a $20 Tax Credit for each of your buisnesses' verified Employees that donate

Check this out! Amazing way to benefit your business, your community, and your employees in one Blood Drive! (READ MORE)

Cushing Chamber of Commerce

Just like the Good Ol' Days.....New & Improved Menu Items that you just have to try! Grill now open on Fridays, too!

Remember when it was the "Cool" thing to do, to go eat at the Hospital Cafe? Well, those days are BACK, and better than ever! READ MORE to check out the new Lunch menu; when the Grill is open; and more!

Hillcrest Hospital Cushing

How about 10% off on Caiman Gloves? You got it!

Check us out every Friday for a new special! (READ MORE)

Wyoming Safety Supply

Free starter website and free first year of hosting

Offer for CUSHING CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP BUSINESSES ONLY! There are 2 offers left, so give Darrin at JuvoWeb a call today! (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Juvo Web

way to not only increase your business's visibility but also give back to the community and support the local economy? Enter the holiday shop local campaign.


In today's digital age, it's more important than ever for small business owners to leverage technology in order to grow their businesses. From cloud computing and data analysis to creating a mobile app and utilizing online PDF tools, there are a myriad of ways that small businesses can use technology to their advantage.


2022 Promotions

Up to 50% off Coupons!!

Juvo Web
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