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Cushing Chamber Digital Marketing Workshop Series: CANVA: Advanced Level

Cushing Chamber Digital Marketing Workshop Series: CANVA: Advanced Level

Tuesday, September 17, 2024 (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM) (CDT)





July 24, 2024 MOVED TO SEPT. 17, 2024 - 11:30 am - 1 pm 

Cushing Chamber Board Training Room - 1301 E. Main St. 
Please enter through the west side door

$15/per person, Member level 
$20/per person, Non-Member Level 
Cost includes lunch; please let us know on the online registration any food dietary/allergen restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate!  

Cushing Chamber Digital Marketing Series: Canva Advanced Level

Class Description:

Take your design skills to the next level with the Cushing Chamber Digital Marketing Series' "Canva Advanced Level" class. This course is tailored for those who have a basic understanding of Canva and are ready to dive deeper into its advanced features to create more sophisticated and impactful designs.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Advanced Design Techniques:

    • Master the use of layers and transparency to create depth and complexity in your designs.
    • Learn advanced text effects, including curved text, text masking, and shadow effects.
    • Explore gradient backgrounds and advanced color manipulation techniques.
  2. Customizing Templates:

    • Discover how to modify and personalize Canva’s templates to fit your specific needs.
    • Learn how to use advanced template features, such as template locking and multi-page documents.
    • Understand how to create and save your own custom templates for future use.
  3. Enhanced Branding Kit Features:

    • Dive deeper into branding by learning how to create comprehensive brand guidelines.
    • Explore the use of brand kits across multiple design projects to ensure consistency.
    • Learn how to share brand kits and collaborate with team members within Canva.
  4. Advanced Image Editing:

    • Learn how to use Canva’s built-in photo editing tools to enhance your images.
    • Discover advanced cropping techniques, photo filters, and effects.
    • Understand how to create and use custom shapes and frames for unique image presentations.
  5. Interactive and Animated Designs:

    • Explore Canva’s animation features to create engaging and interactive designs.
    • Learn how to design animated social media posts, presentations, and videos.
    • Understand the principles of creating GIFs and short video content within Canva.
  6. Collaborative Projects:

    • Learn how to collaborate with team members on shared projects.
    • Understand Canva’s collaboration tools, including commenting and real-time editing.
    • Explore how to manage design projects and workflows within Canva.
  7. Exporting and Integrations:

    • Master the various export options for different platforms and use cases.
    • Learn how to integrate Canva with other tools and platforms like social media, email marketing software, and websites.
    • Understand how to use Canva’s publishing tools to directly share your designs online.
  8.   Canva Apps and More! 
    1.   Master how to create your own basic QR Codes and more intriguing QR Codes with Graphic Designs on the QR Code.  
    2.   Learn how to create presentations that are much more than the boring Powerpoint presentation; make your presentations POP!  The boss will definitely give you a raise for your amazing Graphic Design talents!
    3.   Learn how to create your own business tri-fold brochure to help market your business to potential new customers.  When making sales calls, do you have a brochure that makes the reader want to flip through it?  If not, Canva can help! 
    4.   Use the Canva resource of AI when you have those moments of a "Blank Brain". 
    5.   Use the Canva availability of producing your images, brochures, posters, etc. and let them make your visions come to life!  Canva does a fantastic job being a printing company as well; and within every business budget.  

We may not get to everything that Canva offers, but this Advanced Class will get you on your way to be being a CANVA PRO! 🌟🌟  Canva is constantly coming out with new and/or improved graphic design tools that are extremely user friendly; you will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently you will be able to start being your own businesses' graphic design artist!  

By the end of this advanced class, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of Canva’s powerful features and how to leverage them to create professional-grade designs. This course is perfect for marketers, business owners, and creative professionals looking to elevate their digital marketing visuals and streamline their design processes.

Join us and transform your Canva skills from basic to advanced, unlocking new possibilities for your digital marketing campaigns!


The Cushing Chamber Digital Marketing Workshop Series is open to any of our Member Partner businesses or Nonprofit Organizations, as well as Non-Members.  Our workshops are all at a beginner level and we have developed them to be extremely user-friendly.  Workshops will be held throughout the summer, starting with the May 21 Workshop with Upward Bound Media.

Watch our website event calendar, Weekly Member E-Blasts, and Social Media channels for upcoming Workshops.  


CANVA.COM  101: FOR BEGINNERS - DO NOT get hit with a tens of thousands dollar invoice for copyright infringement!  Learn how to make your own images, pictures with wording, and more in CANVA!  Canva has a fantastic free level that even the smallest business can benefit from,AND save themselves the headache of possible copyright infringement!

CANVA.COM  201 WORKSHOP:  ADVANCED CLASS - Learn more about CANVA!  QR Codes, Brand Kits, more advanced features of CANVA.  

CONSTANT CONTACT EMAIL MARKETING 101 WORKSHOP - Learn the importance of Email Marketing with Constant Contact!  Cushing Chamber Members also receive up to a 25% discount! 

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM 101 WORKSHOP - Get your Facebook and Instagram business pages working for YOU!  Learn how to use your Meta Business Suite and how to use the planner that helps save you time and money!  

TIK TOK & YOUTUBE 101 WORKSHOP - Swim into the deep end of business marketing....MAKING VIDEOS!  It's not as bad as it seems....And it's the wave of the future!  Get into it... Or get left behind!  

AI For Business 101 WORKSHOP:  FOR BEGINNERS - Again, DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND and DON'T BE SCARED!  AI can be our best friend for time saving business needs.  It does it all!  What if your business could have it's own theme song?!?  Well, that's more of an AI for Business 201: Advanced level, but we will start in the shallow end and see where the workshop takes us!  

ADOBE 101 WORKSHOP:  FOR BEGINNERS - Learn what Adobe can do to help make running your business easier! 

ADVERTISING & MARKETING 101 WORKSHOP - What is available in advertising and marketing?  How much should you allocate in your budget for local marketing and advertising?  What genres and generations of people are your target audience?  And so many other questions to answer in this class where we will explore advertising and marketing options on the local level.   

More workshops will be added; this is just the beginning of your business marketing journey you can take this summer with your Cushing Chamber!  



$15/per person for Member Partners

$20/per person for Non-Members

Lunch Included 

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and/or allergies that we need to be made aware of, to get you a special meal.  

Cushing Chamber of Commerce
1301 E Main Street
Cushing, OK 74023 United States
Please enter through the door on the west side of the building.
Event Contact
Cushing Chamber of Commerce
(918) 225-2400
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Tuesday, September 17, 2024 (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM) (CDT)

Arrive and eat lunch anytime: 11:30 am - Noon
 Workshop: Noon - 1 pm

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