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Global 7 Testing

Global 7 Testing


Employment Testing Solutions


Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm

Reliable. Confidential. Professional.

G7 Testing  was founded with the purpose of providing our clients not only with personalized solutions, but also delivering exceptional customer service to rise above our competition. We believe in working with our clients, focusing on their needs, and delivering solid tangible results. 

G7 Testing provides occupational testing services to companies in the manufacturing, trucking, oil and gas, aviation, healthcare, public service, government (local & state levels), education, railroad, and other private sectors.  Our services include but are not limited to; drug and alcohol testing, pulmonary function testing, respiratory fit testing, audiometry, physical health assessments, DOT compliance, drug testing program management and other TPA services. 

By focusing on Occupational Testing as opposed to healthcare solutions we can focus on our target demographic.  This also allows us to provide a healthier atmosphere for our client’s employees while maintaining a safer workplace.  Our clients utilize our clinic over our local competitors because we do not provide healthcare solutions, thus minimizing exposure of their employees to viral and airborne illnesses.

Global 7 Testing holds its team and collection sites to the highest standards of quality and profesionalism. In addition to our ongoing training our technicians are  trained and certified with the following agencies;CAOHC, NIOSH, DATIA, CMI, CTS and are proficient with DOT Rules and Regulations as listed in 49CFR Part 40.

Occupational Testing

Random Testing

· Pre-Employment Testing

· Reasonable Suspicion Testing/Training

· Post-Accident Testing

· Hair Testing

· Urine Testing

· Nail Testing

· Oral Fluid Testing

· Breath Alcohol Testing

· Respiratory Fit Testing

· NCMS Audits & Compliance

· Pulmonary Function Testing/Medical Clearance

· Audiograms

· Random Pool Management· Consortium Services

· Drug and Alcohol Training/Compliance

· DOT Compliance Management and Audits

· Clearinghouse reporting and compliance

· Electronic Collections Utilizing Form Fox· DOT/non-DOT Physicals

· 24/7 Mobile Post Accident Testing

· Fit for Duty/Return to Duty Physical Assessments

Student Athletic Testing

Sports physicals are available by appointment, call us to schedule yours!

Student Testing Options

G7 Testing Solutions is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, diverse testing solutions. As such we have partnered with our lab to provide the following cutting-edge student athlete testing services. 

Testing can be conducted in our office or at your school, the choice is yours! 


G7 Testing will DONATE $1 per instant test conducted! Donation will be made at the end of the year to the athletic programs Student Urine Drug Test 

Urine drug testing has been the standard specimen for many years and for good reason. It is reliable and has up to a 30-day window for drug detection times. Compared to other types of testing it is also the cheapest sample to test. 

Urine Instant 10 Panel Drug Screen $15 

Urine 10 Panel GC/MS Lab Verification $25 

Onsite Fee $75 

Random Selection (using a # system) $0 

Wait Time (if student can’t produce within 2 hours or while the group is testing). $50 hr. 

Student Saliva Drug Test

Saliva testing is a quick and easy way to get students in and out of a drug screening. It offers the athletes more privacy and can be done much faster than a urine collection. This reduces the need for additional staff to monitor collections as well as the out of class time for students. The detection window is up to 14 days. Confirmation tests can be done using saliva or urine. 

Saliva 10 Panel Instant $17 

Saliva 10 Panel Lab Verification $35 

Onsite Fee $75 

Random Selection (using a # system) $0 ice.

Additional Info

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Global 7 Testing is to simplify the drug testing process on all levels from individuals to corporations.  Our friendly staff is driven to provide discrete, error-free testing services promptly and on a consistent basis, while maintaining our core values of integrity and accuracy.


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