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Sac & Fox Nation

Sac & Fox Nation


Tribal Government


Who We Are

The Sac and Fox culture is based upon respect for the life within themselves, their families, their communities, and all of creation. The Creator gave this way of life to the Sac and Fox people. Culture is the way things are done in relation to each other and all of creation. The Sac and Fox way of life is spiritually-based. They seek the guidance of the Creator in how to live. The oldest continuing religious practices are ceremonies like clan feasts, namings, adoptions, and burials. More recent religious practices include the Drum Dance, the Native American Church, and Christianity.

Language is the Sac and Fox expression of how they see the world. The languages of the Sac and Fox contain the accumulated knowledge of all their ancestors. Although the punishment for speaking their native language at the Sac and Fox Agency School meant a loss of identity for several generations of the tribe, the language and culture continue. Several efforts are currently underway to enliven the identity of the Sac and Fox as peoples.


The Sac and Fox continue to express the teachings of their ancestors at work and at play. The creative arts and crafts, sports and games, the ceremonial and traditional ways are a strong and natural part of their everyday life. The community comes together as families, clans, and social groups often and with enthusiasm.


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